Different Ways to work with Sellers in Real Estate Investing

Did you think that the only way to purchase was to make an offer, buy, and then the seller moves on?
Not so fast…

What if the seller doesn’t want to finance you but you could sweeten the pot?
What if the seller became your JV partner?
What if they could actually create a profit from their situation and you limit your risks?

I wanted to create the following video to show exactly how this could happen.

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How to get MLS access as a real estate investor

Ever wonder how some investors seem to have access to deals that you don’t have?
Why you have to wait for your real estate agent buddy to send you the newest properties and others have already put in their offers on them?
Why speed is an important aspect of real estate investing, especially when dealing with properties on the MLS?

Here is a video giving you 3 ways (2 legit and 1 not so legit) to access the MLS (multiple listing service), which is what all real estate brokerages use in order to list and search for property.

I’ll also share with you why the MLS may become a less valuable tool in the near future.


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How to Find Out Where Investors are Buying

Ever wanted to use the 80/20 principle to find buyers faster?
Want to know what type of properties to market for that will instantly sell?
Want to have buyers in your back pocket and begging for your deals?

This quick video will show you a trick that you can use with the MLS (if you’re not licensed, you can get your agent to help you with this) in order to figure out the hotbeds for investment activity.

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Have you heard of Solavei?

SolaveiI’m super excited about this new cell phone company called Solavei that I just switched to!  I was satisfied with the service I had but switched to Solavei for a few reasons:

1) It’s only $49/ mo. for unlimited talk, text, and web.

2) There is no contract to sign.

3) I can actually get paid to share the service.

I know we’re all tired of being forced to sign a 2 year agreement and be shackled to that company…

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Real Estate Investing and Book Keeping — Oxymoron?

Being a small business owner isn’t easy.  There are a lot of hats to wear.  You have to burn the candles at both ends until you’re able to cut the candle and half and hand off the flame to someone else to burn for a while.

Many times one of the first things outsources is book keeping and taxes.  I’ll be real with you – I should have outsourced this a  long time ago.  All I ever do is pull at my hair every time  even the thought of taxes comes to me.  I’m serious – taxes make me shudder.  I stress out over them when at the end of the day our tax system is ridiculous [tax code over 65,000 pages and counting, but that’s a separate topic]

Ok, so the truth comes out — I’m just now getting my books finalized for my 2011 taxes — that’s right —- 2011.

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Copper Thieves, Lookout. Investors your Copper is Safe (We Hope)


Alabama investors, if you’ve been plagued with the copper fairies flying away with your condenser coils then you can take a deep breath (at least for now) as Alabama law is now requiring identification for anyone that is selling scrap metal.


I will admit, it’s even a bit more intense than that.  The buyer is also supposed to get a digital picture of the seller (turn sideways please) as well as a description of their vehicle and the license plate information.  This info is to be listed in a statewide database.

Hopefully this will do 2 things:

1) make crooks think twice and have them not act inappropriately.

2) at least slow the crooks down that still plan to act (inappropriately).


There isn’t a cure all to stopping criminals — desperate people will do desperate things; people that don’t care will continue not to care; and bad people will continue to do bad things.  But it’s a start.  That is until we can solve the issue of our youth where the problem begins, but that’s another lifetime of discussion.

Hopefully AL will at least no longer be the number 1 state in stealing copper from AT&T!

I will share every investing tool, tip, and trick that I come across in my investing career to help you along your way.