Why Bigger Pockets is a Great Real Estate Investing Educational Resource.

I’ve been investing for about 5 years (full-time for the last 2) and BiggerPockets is one of the best resources that I’ve come across for both beginners and advanced alike.  There is a lot of good education out there.  But look out! — because there is some crap out there as well, as I think we all know.  The hardest thing for a beginner to do is to determine what’s good and what’s crap.  The hardest.

Why is that?  Well, to be frank, it’s because you don’t know crap.  It’s not your fault.  You’re new.  Why would you know what you don’t know?  You wouldn’t.

And this is where the gurus can pounce with their products and sell to the rookie investor – unfortunately the good products are mixed in with the bad.  Which leads to why I genuinely find BiggerPockets to be a great resource for real estate investing education.

Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing

My first run-in with Bigger Pockets was about a year ago.  I had a real estate investing question, googled it, and found some good feedback in the forum.  I then ran into BiggerPockets a number of times when searching different investing topics.  This led me to get involved and officially join the site.

The advantage that BiggerPockets has over other real estate investing educational sites is multi-faceted.

1) The site is made up of real people with real feedback.  If you ask a question in the forum, expect to get multiple answers from different users.  You can check their credentials if you like.  I have personally contacted a number of people and had real discussions about particular topics.  This is priceless.

2) You don’t get spammed.  I joined a site similar to BP a while back (will remain nameless) and within a few hours I had 4-5 messages about all kinds of real estate junk — I deleted them all without reading.  It’s not that they were bad resources, but the messages were uninvited – which is just as bad in my book.

3) The forum is a lot better formatted, organized, and easy to use than most other real estate investing forums out there – I’ve seen plenty.

Does this mean that BP is your end-all answer?  No.

Am I touting is as such?  No.

Am I saying that it’s an excellent resource to add to your arsenal?   Yes.

Am I saying that it’s helped me personally through some of my successes?  Yes.

So if you’ve only been skimming the surface then it’s time to dig a little deeper — Come on In, The Water’s Fine…

What are your thoughts on BiggerPockets.com?

11 thoughts on “Why Bigger Pockets is a Great Real Estate Investing Educational Resource.”

  1. The man himself stopped over to theSouthernInvestor! Thanks for swinging in — Will definitely chat soon at BiggerPockets!

  2. It’s invaluable to have input from “feet on the street” investors not only as a beginner but even as a more experienced investor….I wasn’t familiar with BiggerPockets when I first started investing but I learned a ton from the folks on the FlippingHomes.com forum. I learned about BiggerPockets probably 15 months or so ago and made some valuable connections as a result. Really nice post, Brooks!

  3. Thanks Shae! I’ve read my share of articles on the FlippingHomes forum as well — good stuff — thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been a member of biggerpockets for quite some time and I too agree that it has been a valuable tool as I ontinue investing in short sales, REOs and flipping investment properties.. It is not the end all, but a very good tool. Lots of very good information available for both newbies and experienced investors.

  5. Thanks for your comments Amy. May we all continue our education until the day we leave this wonderful blue/green ball!

  6. I agree…Bigger Pockets is the best. I, too, joined a couple other forums and got a lot of spam messages.

    I also like BP because the vast majority of people there want to help you out..and are not trying to sell you anything or “get something” in return. That’s rare these days! The blog and articles on BP are also fantastic. I learn a lot every time I visit.


  7. I agree Steph! And as BP gets larger, I hope to develop even more relationships on the site with national and international contacts — technology (and sites like BiggerPockets) continue to help shrink our world…

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